I'm a homeless 1099 Computer Programmer that lives in the San Francisco Bay Area California. Prior to that, I had a brief stint as a Mechanical Engineer in Wisconsin

When I'm not working, well, I either go to the beach by where I camp at and get drunk or I attempt to get with the hot looking white women in San Francisco.

Here are some links to some of my programming works

Semi related programming. Ie, command line abuses that I discovered over time, but I never quite made them to being full fledged programs

The grex and arbornet stuff won't work unless you can con the 50 year old virgin into giving you a free account. It was never like this in the past, but the system got locked down. And fixing the bugs would be the sane and logical thing to do.

And for historical purposes, here is the first program that I wrote. It calculates various probability distributions on the TI 85 calculator. It was written in BASIC back in 2000.

miscellaneous links

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